Why You NEED a Website for Your Lawn Business

A website is much more than a fancy way to look like you have a clue what your are doing in 2014.  The problem with many LCOs is that they think a website is simply a place to put a picture of themselves and a decal on their truck.

In reality most small business owners simply use their website as a place to post their phone number, a picture of their business and thats about it.  If this is what your website looks like than you are loosing out on the major advantages of a website.  Lawn care websites should be a marketing powerhouse and lead generating machine for your business.

What Your Website Should Do for YOU!

  1. Drive new customers while you are sleeping
  2. Educate potential clients on your services
  3. Create FREE marketing
  4. Seperate you from the pack

Drive new customers while you are sleeping

A website is up on the internet 24/7.  This means that your potential customers can access infromation about your company and sign up for services while you are sleeping.  My company has had dozens of customers sign up for services while I am in my bed sleeping.  What better way to make money than while you sleep.  To do this you need to insure that your website has a simple sign up form that allows customers to input their address, phone number, and email . . . at a minimum.  A great service for hosting your website is BLUEHOST. . . Click HERE to sign up for BlueHost for $6.95 a month.

This form should be front and center on nearly every page of your website, and should state something like: “get a FREE quote”, “sign up online” or something similiar that allows for you to generate leads.  Once you have their email address you can reach them at any point in the future with new deals.  This is the right way to market your lawn care business.

Educate potential clients on your services

Potential customers will come to your website for one reason . . . they have questions!  It is your job to answer those questions in depth and in detail to make yourself an authority in your market place.  Think about it . . . if you went to two websites one with a picture of a guy standing by his truck saying “we are the best price” and another that has tons of answers to every possible question and answers everything you could possibly ask who are you going to hire . . . the one with the answers.

Take a minute and write down all the questions that you are getting from your customers.  Then sit down and write out answers to all of those questions.  This is what your customers want to know!  Now give them answers to those quesitons on your website.  This is called CONTENT MARKETING and is key in developing customers that trust you.

Another key tool to finding out what questions your customers have is Long Tail Pro.  I talk about this tool more here.  This is the tool that I use exclusively to find content for my website.


Create FREE marketing

A well built website costs your nearly nothing.  In fact you can host a website on BlueHost for just $6.95 a month. Click HERE to learn more.  Compare this to the cost of flyers or other traditional forms of marketing and you will find that you can save tons on your marketing budget.   All of a sudden your lawn care marketing becomes an easy indoor job just answering questions for your customers rather than being outside trying to convince people to use your services.


You can become the leader in lawn care in your neighborhood or city with very little work.  A website can be a tool to make you appear like a bigger company, simple marketing tool, and a fun way educate and sell customers without spending a fortune.   Lawn care marketing and lawn care websites don’t need to be a headache.



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