When should I Aerate my Lawn?


You lawn can prosper with an all-round correct maintenance and care routine. If your lawn soil is hard and is not of sufficient quality, there is greater chance that it won’t be able to absorb water and nutrients. Grass will also have difficulty in surviving if regular watering schedule is not in place. The best way to let your grass prosper is through the process of aeration.

Aeration helps in loosening the compacted underlying soil. The biggest benefit of loosening the soil is that grass roots can penetrate can spread in the soil. Sufficient network of roots will help grass survive in more difficult times, such as summer heat or drought. Aeration also helps your lawn soil keep water for a much longer period of time.

When should i aerate my lawn?

Well, under normal conditions, you should aerate your lawn once a year to keep it in good condition. If you live in a warm climate area, you should aerate it in late spring. You should aerate it in fall if you have a cooler climate. Summer is not a good time for aeration, as your lawn is already stressed due to summer heat.

You should try to aerate your lawn as soon as possible if it is not behaving properly. Some problem signs include fertilized grass not turning green and some parts of your lawn remaining after you’ve applied fertilizers and water. This amply indicates that your soil is compacted and nutrients and water is not reaching grass roots.

If you have kids or pets playing on your lawn almost daily, then you should aerate it twice or thrice a year, as more traffic causes soil to compact at a much faster rate. If your lawn is prone to rapid thatch building, you should aerate it twice a year. With thatches, it is difficult for air, water and nutrients to reach grass roots. This will also make your grass dry and it will die.

In sloppy lawns, water tends to run off quickly before it is soaked into the soil. When you aerate it often, more nutrients and water will reach grass roots, and you can expect lush green lawn. Lawns with lot of clay should also be aerated more often as clay soil has very poor air and water circulation. Once you know when should i aerate my lawn, you will be in a much better position to maintain it in the best possible way.

Lawn aeration process

The best way of digging holes in soil is by using a powerful aeration machine. This machine can dig small plugs in your lawn that will easily increase air and water circulation. With time, these small plugs will fill and vanish. If you have normal soil in your lawn, you should aerate it at the start of each season. If you can’t arrange aeration machine, you can also use hand-held and foot tools such as hollow tiner, fork, sacrifier, slitter or spiked boots.


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