Weed Control with Dimension 2EW Herbicidce

Dimension Herbicide is a specially formulated herbicide that is water-based with 2 lbs. of dynamic ingredients per gallon. It works best sprayed on grass and used over the surface of field and container grown landscape and nursery ornamental.

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No harm is caused while the formula fights for vigorous control of broadleaf weeds and grasses. Dimension 2EW is a pre emergent and post emergent herbicide, which makes it extremely effective for parts of the country where the weather is somewhat unpredictable.

Moreover, it controls over 45 differing weeds counting crabgrass, and great for established lawns, commercial sod farms, roughs and tee boxes, and golf courses, because it’s so effective.

How It WorksDimension 2EW functions by distension and by halting the growth of plants as they take in the herbicide through their roots. One application should last at least one complete season and can be used over the top of more than 700 various types of plants. Besides its application flexibility and broad-spectrum manipulation, 2EW is non-staining and will leave no stains on turf, equipment, and other environs.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for crabgrass control pre emergent or post emergent herbicide control
  • Can be used over the op of field and container grown nursery and landscape ornamentals
  • Low Smell and Non-Staining
  • Kills or suppresses 40 various listed yearly grasses and broadleaf weeds, when used according to the Dimension herbicide label directions
  • Can be used with single or split applications
  • Can be tank-mixed with other herbicides

Post Emergence Herbicide Benefits

  • Controls up to the five-leaf stage
  • Tank-mix agreeableness with other herbicides like Defendor specialty herbicide, for additional broadleaf weed management counting chickweed, clover, and dandelion
  • Additional time to finish the first application of the season, dramatically decreasing callbacks and reducing complaints
  • Application adaptability for residential, commercial, and municipal regions, including landscape beds
  • Broader application time that includes two to eight additional weeks more than other pre emergence herbicides out on the market today
  • Extra time to concoct applications
  • Manifold formulations, counting liquid, granular, and on-fertilizer 

How To Use

The Dimension 2EW herbicide is easy to mix in spray tanks and is offered in half-gallon, 2.5 gallon, and 30 gallon containers. It can be combined with Gallery specialty herbicide for a wider pre emergence mixture. 

The specialty formulation of 2EW can be used over the top of field and container-grown nursery and landscape ornamentals, industrial sites, ornamental turf, commercial sod farms, non-cropland, roughs and tee boxes, golf course fairways, and established lawns. Yields 0.73 oz per 1000 sq. ft. Refer to the Dimension herbicide label for additional instructions.


Target Pest Grasses:

Smutgrass, sandbur, ryegrass annual and perennial, wild oats, Mary’s grass, kikuyu grass, goose grass, foxtail giant-green-and yellow, dallisgrass seedling, crowfootgrass, crabgrass large-smooth-and southern, bluegrass annual, barnyardgrass, and barley.

Broadleaf Weeds:

Woodsorrel creeping-yellow, spurge garden-prostrate-spotted, speedwell corn, shepherds purse, rocket London, purslane common, pineapple wood, pigweed redroot, parsley-piert, oxalis buttercup, mustard, mulberry weed, medic black, mares tail, common lespedeza, knotweed prostrate, henbit, geranium Carolina, chickweed, and carpetweed.

Where To Buy Dimension Herbicide

Many of you may be wondering where to buy such an effective weed killer like Dimension 2EW Herbicide. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to find and purchase online for the best deal or at a John Deere Landscapes.

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Of course, online you will probably find tons of deals including special discounts and coupons. They only drawback is that there is no one to explain the product to you if you have questions. Therefore, when it comes to where to buy Dimension herbicide, you should choose which purchasing method is most convenient for you. Just keep in mind that most bargains are found online.

Dimension Herbicide Reviews

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“Use as directed and it works wonders! In two years my lawn is now weed free. Not so sure how the one-star rating was allowed to stay since the user didn’t have any clue about how to use the products.”
By Tommy

“I had poa annua growing wild in my over one acre of Bermuda land. The estimates from the local pest companies were ridiculous. I bought Dimension as my first purchase in early 2103. I have bought numerous other products since, all with great results. Dimension is terrific when used as a pre emergent.”
By Lee

“I applied Dimension mixed with Trimec Classic a little later in the spring than I wanted to. Prolonged windy conditions delayed the application. Crabgrass control over very young plants was as good as the directions specified. Now a month after the application, the lawn is nearly weed free.”
By Bill

“Dimension is a fantastic herbicide product. We have had no weeds since putting it down. I would recommend it for farmers that need ultimate weed control for driveways, roads, or other ultimate control areas. DoMyOwnPestControl.com has the best price online. I have found them to be excellent and the products you see are actually the products you receive.”
By C.R.

“I have wrestled with an out of control crabgrass invasion and Dimension has surpassed all my expectations in controlling it. I calculate a 98% removal of any new crabgrass seedlings and I am left with the best looking bare area I could hope for. I think two key steps made this happen. First, I made a split application with 8 oz/25 gallon tank of water applied in early April. I am in the mid-west, which was then followed with a 0.3 inch rainfall. A second application four weeks later was followed by 1.1 inches of rain. When I use Dimension again next year, I will dilute it even more so more water is used in each application. In total, I have treated approx two acres and gained excellent control of crabgrass.”
By Jack

Dimension 2EW Extra Tips

  • As soon as Dimension 2EW has dried on the lawn, it is safe to allow pets and children back on the lawn; however, this will depend on how hot it is. Most of the time, one-hour is plenty enough time for the solution to dry.
  • Dimension 2EW cannot be used on livestock graze land. Presently, there is no evidence that a pre emergent can be used on graze land with livestock. The Department of Agriculture should have more in-depth information.
  • Dimension herbicide is not effective until triggered with half-inch rainfall or irrigation. Ideally, Dimension should be watered within seven days of application.

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