Use Lesco 0-0-7 Crabgrass Preventer to Fertilize Your Lawn Properly


Have problem with weeds in your lawn of flowerbed and need a quick, affordable solution? Well then go to your local lawn care retailer or website and purchase LESCO 0-0-7 Crabgrass Preventer. This quality product will have your unwanted plant problem under control in a jiffy. Don’t let your garden get out of hand and sap all your free time. Invest in a product that will keep you off your knees and in your lawn chair.

One bag of this specially formulated crabgrass and weed preventer can cover up to 12,000 square feet or quarter of an acre.

When to Apply Lesco 0-0-7

You can apply this product in late September to stem the growth of winter weeds or late winter to fend off unwanted weeds during spring bloom. Find out when the germination period is for plants in your area. There should be a 2-4 week period when this product can be applied and be successful in its purpose.  Generally you want to apply preemergent prior to soil temperatures reaching 50 degrees at one inch depth.  You can use a simple kitchen thermometer to test soil temps at one inch.

When working with pre-emergent chemicals it is very important that they be applied at the right time, which means when winter weeds sprout or when summer plants germinate. If you apply a pre-emergent too late it will do not good for you or your lawn, it does not prevent weeds from growing it only prevents them from germinating. Go purchase a bag today so you do not miss your window of opportunity to use this great product.

Avoid getting on your knees and crawling around in the dirt, choose a product that will put the ease back into gardening or maintaining a yard. By purchasing a rotary spreader you can alleviate yourself the stress of manually spreading this crabgrass preventer with a shovel or hoe. Using a spreader will also help ensure that the fertilizer is spread equally across the desired area.

There are several ratings depending on exactly what your lawn care needs are. For just crabgrass issues the recommended rate is 2.86/K, for tougher weeds and plants you can raise that amount to 5.73/K. Going with the higher rate never hurts either, even if it is just for the benefit of added protection. Applying this product at a higher rate will not only prevent more weeds from growing but it will also give you a longer duration of time. For maximum protection, use the rating system on the back of the bag.

The only precautions to take before purchasing and applying LESCO 0-0-7 Crabgrass Preventer is the health factors. Make sure you utilize proper equipment and cloth yourself properly when working with this product. This fertilizer does have the potential to stain clothes and skin. It is also harmful to animals and people, so do not use in areas where people will be exposed to it without the proper safety protocols.

This product is intended for professional use. Licensing is required to use this product for your business, even for those in possession of a landscaping license. Check your local and state ordinances about fertilizer application before you begin to use this product.

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