Trimec Weed Killer – Your Best Choice for Lawn Care

Do you know when to apply fertilizer to your lawn? Trimec Weed Killer professionals know that it is best to fertilize your lawn 4-5 times a year. Even if you do not care about a good looking lawn, you should at least fertilize twice a year for your grass’s sake.
Every lawn and climate is unique. We are here to help you learn the best tips for fertilizing and aerating your lawn. Whether you are a first time home owner or a professional lawn care specialist, Trimec Weed Killer is for you.
>To be satisfied with a weed control product, you must have reasonable expectations about the results that you want to achieve. You may think you want a product that kills everything you want it to kill, in one application, with no negative results, and very little bother. That is not realistic. Here is what you need to know: Some sprays require more than one spray, the timing is important and the concentration is important.
To begin, use fertilizer spray during the growing season when weeds are growing actively. On new lawns, it is best to wait until the grass has reached a height of 2 ” before attempting an overall spray. Poor weed control results if spray is applied during drought or just before it rains. You should mow before treatment and do not water within 24 hours after. The chemical needs to absorb into the leaves. Do not spray in extremely hot weather.
You will be able to control such a wide variety of weeds. You can control the sensitive weeds, such as clover, dandelion, and ragweed all the way to the hard-to-kill weeds such as chicory, ground ivy, poison ivy and yarrow.
We will provide you with a complete listing of weeds that you can control during your free lawn analysis.
Caution: be certain that the spray specifies on the label that it is safe to use on your lawn, especially on your particular type of grass. Our product comes in a convenient 4 ounce size that will treat a 1000 square foot area. Once you have gotten rid of the weeds, you can then seed and aerate your lawn. This will help ensure that you will have a denser turf that is more resistant to weeds in the future. As a bonus, we will provide you with over 25 reasons to aerate your lawn. The most important reason being aeration makes it a lot easier for fertilizers to work their way into the soil. It actually reduces your dependency on fertilizers and at the same time, it will increase the effectiveness of your fertilizer.
So call today and let the lawn care experts help you create a beautiful lawn!

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