The Scag Turf Tiger ZTR The Best Zero Turn

tiger ztr scag riding mowerCommercial ztr (zero turn mowers) are a beast all their own, the Scag Turf Tiger is a riding mower thatis head and shoulders above the competition.  It can be hard to decide what zero turn you should use with your professional landscape maintenance company.  I personally have been mowing lawns commercially for over a decade.  I have evaluated many ztrs and can say without a doubt that the Scag turf tiger is king for many reasons.

Top 5 Features of the Scag Turf Tiger Riding Mower

There are several features that set the Tiger apart from the other mowers in the Scag line and from other commercial ZTRs below I have listed the top 5 features of the TIGER.

  1. SPEED: The tiger can reach speeds of up to 12 MPH making it one of the fastest Scags.
  2. POWER: This ztr comes in either a 27 or 32 HP engine.  The Kohler engine is one of the top engines available for commercial zero turns.

    kohler 27 hp scag

    27 HP Tiger Engine

  3. The Scag Turf Tiger has an 8.5 gallon tank meaning that you can mow longer with less breaks.
  4. Spindles that last.  Scag makes a superior product.  The spindles are not cheap aluminum or plastic like you might find on a lesser machine from the “Depot”.
  5. The electrical components on this mower are serious and made for the wear and tear that normal commercial mowing will put it through.
turf tiger speed cost

Turf Tiger Controls and Comfort Station

Aside from the top five reasons to buy a Scag Tiger I personally like that they ride lower to the ground that other ztrs that I have used commercially.  This allows for the operators to fit in more areas, clear the turf of debris, and gain a better sense of the lay of the land.  The Tiger comes with the highly recognizable tiger print on the wheel wells that allow it to stand out from other Scag products.

Dimensions and Measurements of the Turf Tiger Mower

The mower comes in a variety of three widths and obviously the width and weight increases as you move

Turf Tiger ztr zero turn rider

Turf Tiger in Action

up in cutting width.  The cutting deck of the Tiger is available in 52″, 61″, and 72″ and the weight for each model is around 1300 lbs with an average overall width of about 86″. Obviously, only serious commercial companies should bother with purchasing a Turf Tiger given the intensity of this high quality USA made riding mower. You can learn more details about the specifics on the Scag site.

How Much Does it Cost?

Any Scag mower is going to set you back.  Each model of the Scag is going to cost you much more than a residential quality mower.  The cheapest Scag available is the Freedom Z which starts around $4200.  The Scag Turf Tiger will start at over $10,000, a small price to pay for the best commercial series mower. For a smaller company you might consider starting with the Tiger Cat also from Scag which starts at about $7600.  For those serious about purchasing the Tiger there is financing to buy a scag available

mowing scag tiger

Mowing a Baseball Field w/SCAG Turf Tiger

through Sheffield Bank.  They offer a lot of promotions to help buyers and also work directly with dealers to make the financing easy.  I have worked with Sheffield and secured an $11,000 equipment loan to purchase new Scag mowers.  The entire process was very smooth and easy.  In fact I submitted my information on their website and was contacted very shortly with the approval that I could use their financing to buy the Scag Turf Tiger.  I then had to take my account number to the dealer who provided the equipment.  Of course, evaluate your need for such a machine.  If you are only caring for a small 2 acre lot, this is not the mower for you.  However, if you will be sitting on a ZTR all day . . . I believe that the Scag Turf Tiger is the best option.  There are companies in Texas with ten, twenty, even 30 commercial zero turn mowers . . . all SCAG Turf Tigers.  If you look online and are patient you can many times find used Scag mowers at great deals.

Purchase this mower to Meet Your Mowing Demands

If you are like me and expect the best then don’t waste time with a crap mower that will break down on you.  This mower is capable of handling small jobs all the way up to massive acreage properties, HOAs, apartments, parks, or any other project that is thrown at it. If you have the need and work load and finances to afford it then the scag turf tiger is the best commercial grade zero turn riding mower option out there!


 SCAG and Tiger Turf are registered brands and trademarks of SCAG and no infringements are intended.  All pictures and opinions expressed are personal from experience and use of machines.

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