The Right Way to Apply Pre Emergent Weed Killer


Instead of acting like regular weed killer, the use of pre emergent weed killer is something that will kill off the plants you do not want before they break ground. For this reason it is very important to know when weeds will start to grow, because otherwise there could be a lack of effectiveness. The last thing anyone wants is to put down weed killer that will not be effective, which is why it is important to put pre emergent weed killer down in the Spring in order to prevent plants sprouting up. The right way to put this down during early Spring in order to avoid having something go wrong.


There are two different ways to use pre-emergent herbicide, one way is by using a liquid pre-emergent variety, and the other is using a granular version of it. Prior to using any of these sorts of products it is very important for whoever is using them to read the instructions very carefully. Some of these chemicals can be very potent and even poisonous to animals and people depending on which ones are being used. It is also worth looking into what types of plants might be affected by these chemicals that are not weeds.

Timing the Application of These Chemicals

One of the most important parts of using pre emergent herbicide is to do so before the seeds are germinated, because otherwise there is a good chance that they could sprout anyway. This is why it is vital to either be out in the yard doing this or having someone else doing it, because otherwise there is a good chance that things might not go as planned. This is a very bad position for someone to be in, and it is vital to always keep everything on schedule.

Who This Strategy Right For

This method of lawn maintenance is right for those who do not mind taking soil temperatures and staying on top of the situation at all times. Those who are not aware of how to properly apply these chemicals could end up doing it too late in the spring, and this could be a costly mistake since the chemical could end up not working at all. Do not utilize this tactic when reseeding a lawn, because this is a type weed killer that will kill any type of seeds it happens to come into contact with. Bearing these things in mind it will be a whole lot easier to go ahead and get through this process without too much headache. When in doubt consulting with a professional landscaper can bring in a good deal of expertise and often at a fair price. There are a huge number of different professionals of this nature in any given neighborhood, making for a very good resource for anyone who is looking to keep their lawn looking great.

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