SEO isn’t Dead . . . Lawn Care Marketers are just Dumb!

The problem with new guys in the lawn care industry is that they have no idea how to sell their services to home owners.  It’s true, lawn care is a highly competitive industry, but that is because there is a MASSIVE market and finding new customers is easier . . . and cheaper today than it ever has been.

I recently wrote a post about how we added $25,000 in recurring lawn care customers without spending a dime on marketing by using a simple process that is so easy to use anyone can do it.  Before I share how to properly use your website to rank in Google let me clear the air.  I recently had a new LCO write me an email and tell me (among other things) that he was planning to go door to door to pick up new lawn care accounts.  My simple reply was DO NOT DO THAT.  It is a huge waste of time and besides that you will simply be annoying home owners.

There is an easier way!

Inbound Marketing and SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Marketing.  Any fool with a computer will tell you that they are an expert SEO specialist and will try to charge you hundreds of dollars per month to “optimize your website”.  I am here to tell you that SEO is simple.  To have a successful website you simply need to develop a lawn care marketing plan that is customer focused, friendly, focused, and drives customers to action:

lawn care marketing plan

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1. What questions are your lawn care customers asking?

The very first step in a successful lawn care marketing plan is to determine what questions your customers are actually asking.  This can be accomplished in a couple of ways:

  1. Write down the questions your customers ask when they call.
  2. Use Long Tail Pro to brainstorm highly detailed ideas regarding the specific questions that individual home owners have within your geographic location regarding lawn services.
  3. Use google adwords keyword tool to find lawn care related terms.

You can sign up for Long Tail Pro HERE<==

Once you have a list of words that people are searching for you can begin to write about these topics directly on your lawn care website.  This is what inbound marketing is . . . you are not forcing your message on your customers, rather you are creating content that actually answers their questions and provides them with the knowledge they need to make a decision.  In the end which lawn service do you think a customer is going to choose: the one who leaves a black and white biz card on their door that looks like all the others or the one they found online when searching about a very specific question they have?  They will choose the one that stands out and solves their problem every time.

My main company website had over 1,000 hits last month in a town of just 80,000 people by employing this ONE technique.  My potential customers have questions and I am THE lawn care company that is there to answer those questions.

2. What can you do better than the other guys?

When I started my lawn care website I had NO background in internet marketing.  That was about 12 months ago.  In the last year we added over 200 customers almost exclusively on the internet.  Dallas Texas is a highly competitive lawn care marketing and there were many tough companies out there. The only way I was going to beat them was to discover what I could do BETTER than them.

The large companies at the time were employing SEO techniques that were not centered on the customers.  They did not drive sales, and they had a ton of information that was unclear, they did not respond to online contact forms (most companies don’t), and the list goes on.

Call, text, and email each of the top 20 lawn care results in Google for your area.  Devour their websites as if you were a customer.  Is the site clean, does it provide clear and direct action steps for customers, find one or two things that distract you from their online message and do those things differently on your site.

3. Focus your lawn care market

I see more companies fail by missing this point than any other.  They get a few customers in one town so they think well, if I can get 20 customers in this town I can get 20 customers in every town  . . . so they spread flyers in every town within a city.  Do not do this!  You will spread your crews thin, waste massive amounts of money on fuel, time wasted in the cars driving between lawns, and wasted effort doing quotes in neighboring cities.

Our company is located in a town of less than 80,000 people.  We do not market our lawn services ANYWHERE else.  We focus the majority of our internet messages to this one city.  When we flyer we put 2,3, or even 4 sets of flyers out within the same neighborhood over a season.  Hit the same people over and over. They may be ready for your lawn care services one of the times they find you.  Doing so allows for you to be everywhere within a small area and look larger and more trusted in your town.  We have nearly several hundred in our client list without ever leaving this one town. . . that client list was compiled within 1 year.

4. Lastly, drive website visitors to action!

Don’t post pictures of your equipment . . . no one cares, don’t waste the precious space on your site with information that doesn’t matter.  Keep your website clean and free of clutter and with every post and page drive the visitor to call, text, or email you!  Once they provide you with contact information than you can begin selling your services.

The lawn care sales process begins the second they land on your page.  Post an offer at the top of the page. At the bottom of the page offer a free ebook or sprinkler check up if they call today!  You should be progressing people along the sales funnel with each post they read or with each contact they have with you they need to be getting closer to choosing you as their lawn care provider.

As mentioned above lawn care SEO is not dead.  If anything it is more alive now than ever before.  Good LCOs understand that the purpose of a website isn’t to simply say “I have a website”.  The purpose is to decrease your marketing budget, find better customers, and make more money!

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