LESCO Weed and Feed Professional Fertilizer


As Spring comes closer, you’re probably thinking about seeing healthy green grass in your yard and giving it the best care you can afford. However, as the grass becomes greener and starts growing, so do the weeds.

Having a certified weed killer and professional fertilizer handy is a great step to take for combating weeds and producing a fresh, green lawn for people to look at. One such product you can use for your lawn is LESCO Weed and Feed Professional Fertilizer, a synthetic fertilizer which you can buy at your local Home Depot retailer.

When to Apply Fertilizer

It’s best to apply this fertilizer in the early spring or late fall when weeds start to hit full bloom. Because this fertilizer compound is not organic, it usually will not take too long to feed your soil nutrients, but it’s very important not to overload the soil with it due to harm overloading could cause plants. You may also want to do some research about aerating the soil for better results. Even though most synthetic fertilizers are water soluble products, care should be taken when using the product when rain is in the forecast. Make sure you read the directions before applying at all.

What do the Numbers on the Fertilizer Bag Mean?

The numbers 18-0-9 indicate the percentages of the three key ingredients Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Usually a bag of LESCO Weed and Feed will contain about 50 pounds of fertilizer which translates into about 9 pounds of nitrogen and about 4.5 pounds of potassium.

The formula is usually tailored for the kinds of plants you wish to grow since nitrogen is primarily used to stimulate the leaf growth and color, phosphorus is used to stimulate root growth, and potassium is used as a root protector.

The area that one bag of the fertilizer can cover is usually about 12,500 square feet. Note that MSDS sheets are included with the product to list all chemicals associated with the product and also include directions for storing the product and steps to take to avoid harmful exposure to it.

What will Lesco 18-0-9 Weed and Feed Fertilizer Do?

The product is designed to work both as a fertilizer and a weed killer. The process can take a couple weeks to get the full results, but if applied correctly and at the right time, weeds will start disappearing from the lawn.

Among the weeds the product can control are dandelions and buckthorn, two of the most annoying weeds that infest the lawn. Note that this product does not control crabgrass, so you may need to find an additional control method if crabgrass is a problem in your yard.

How to Apply Lesco Fertilizer

To spread the product effectively, you should use a rotary spreader. Most spreaders are cheap to buy and usually not very hard to use. It is important that the application of the fertilizer is evenly distributed so that the grass does not get overloaded in certain sections with the compound. It’s also important to note that sometimes rotary spreaders are harder to reach the edges of the lawn with. Make sure you read the directions to adjust the settings of the spread rate on the spreader.

Customer Reviews

The product has an overall customer satisfaction rate of 75% and most customers who have bought it have given it positive reviews. Most have said that the product is of great quality and easy to install, though some have not been pleased with the durability and the effectiveness of the product.

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