LESCO 50 lbs. 18-0-18 Fall Winter Fertilizer


There are many people that are looking to get a head start on their lawn in the spring. A growing number of these people are finding out that they can use LESCO 50 lbs. 18-0-18 Fall Winter Fertilizer in the fall in order to ensure that their lawn will have all of the nutrients that it needs when the winter snow melts. This product is great to use on virtually any kind of lawn. This makes this product very versatile. This product offers a great blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Some people are unsure what the numbers on the bag mean, and why this fertilizer product has the levels of the nutrients in it that it does. The explanation is simple.

First, the first number on the fertilizer bag stands for Nitrogen. Nitrogen aids for above ground plant growth. It is especially useful in aiding in the growth of leafy green foliage. Nitrogen helps lawns to have their lush green color. With this LESCO product having the number 18 in it’s mixture for Nitrogen a lawn will get all of the ingredients needed to look its best.

Next, the middle number that is on the bag shows the user how much Phosphorus is in the product. This ingredient is very helpful for establishing a healthy root system. Typically, fertilizers that are used on flowering plants contain a high level of Phosphorus. Also, fertilizer that is used for starting a lawn will typically have a high middle number in it so that the new lawn can grow a healthy root system, but for most established lawns there is little need for a high Phosphorus content. Since this fertilizer is mainly used for lawns there is little need for a high Phosphorus content in it, and that is why the number that is represented on the bag for this ingredient is 0.

Lastly, the last number that is listed on the bag of Lesco 18-0-18 is Potassium. Potassium is essential for general plant health. The reason for this is that Potassium aids the plant in building of strong cells. Strong cells will produce strong plant tissue. The stronger the plant tissue is the more resilient that the lawn will be to different stresses. Heat, pests, cold, and diseases are just a few of the stresses that can kill a lawn. By using Lesco 18-0-18 a customer can make sure that they are giving their lawn a high Potassium content which will, in turn, make the lawn healthier.  If you are a lawn care professional, you want to use the best products, this will help in your lawn care advertising efforts.

This product can be easily applied to a lawn. Mot people use a fertilizer spreader that they can load the fertilizer into. Once the fertilizer is in the basket and the spreader is pushed by the operator, the fertilizer will be thrown out in all directions. This is a good way to spread it, since it will allow the fertilizer to be more evenly spread, and will prevent sections of the lawn from being burnt. Some people prefer to spread the fertilizer by hand, while wearing gardening gloves, because they either have a small lawn or they may not have the space to store a walk behind spreader. Although, this is an acceptable way to spread Lesco 18-0-18, the applier needs to make sure that they try to spread it out as evenly as possible so that, once again, there will not be an accumulation of the fertilizer in any one place which can damage the lawn.

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