Lawn Care in Texas in January


Today’s journal discusses what types of lawn services you can offer your customers during the colder months of January and February.

We have been very busy this week with several larger jobs.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we did a complete lawn renovation and bed redesign on a customer that is an investor and owns several properties in the area.

how much to charge to lay sod

Before and After

We installed 4.5 pallets of sod, trimmed trees, removed shrubs, and spread 2 yards of mulch around a new stone border bed. On Thursday and Friday we mowed several lawns in the area.  In the south you can practice a 40 week mowing schedule which allows for monthly service in January and December.  Aside from this many customers also need a leave or bed clean up service to keep their lawns looking pristine.  Marketing to customers that desire to have their property looking tip top all year is the right move to insure year round landscaping income.

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