Lawn Care Advertising Tips to Increase Sales


While lawn care at one time was often done by a neighborhood youngster trying to earn extra money, today it has become full time business. People have discovered that it is possible to have their lawn cared for without having to come home from work and put in another two or three hours mowing, weeding and so forth.
Try one of these lawn care advertising tips each week for the next two months and watch your sales grow. For the next month focus intensely on just one idea a week.

It is possible today to find a large number of people who have established excellent businesses in this field. The most successful ones have found that lawn care advertising has brought in a large number of customers, many of whom become faithful customers for years. There are a number of different types of advertising to increase a customer list.


At one time only professionals engaged in landscaping and other intricate types of garden care had a web site. These people offered things such as designing gardens, determining tree blight and other difficult garden problems. However, in today’s technical world it would seem that everyone has a PC, iPhone or other types of internet communication. Many gardeners have found that by using Twitter, web sites and other internet means, they have been able to build up an excellent business. This is an inexpensive way to get your business in front of a wide range of potential customers. You can have your own web site or there are a number of locations where you can have your business listed on others. Look up “How to Advertise on the Web” and you will find a number of different ways you can get your name before the public.


There are many high school aged boys and girls who are looking to earn extra money and will go door to door with flyers at a small cost. You can save money by making your own professional looking flyer if you have a computer and printer. Otherwise, a print shop will prepare some for you that are attractive and will catch the attention of the homeowner or business person.  Lawn care flyers can be easy to make, follow these steps here to make a great lawn service flyer.


You will attract a homeowner’s attention if you make a special offer for the first month. Some may only have you for that special offer but if you do a good job, many will continue to engage your services for years to come.  Running special promos is a great way to bring in new business and to sell additional services to existing customers.


There are many community bulletin boards where a small, appropriately decorated card can be placed. DO NOT just put up a scrap of paper with handwriting on it as it will usually be ignored. The card should have print that is easy to read when a person is standing back from the display. Another excellent place for small posters is at Senior Centers where older people still maintain their own home. Large posters can be appropriately displayed in places such as garden stores, garden nurseries and other appropriate places.


People often ask at garden centers where they can find a good gardener. It pays to make a personal contact with the center’s owner telling them about your work. Always leave a business card and ask that they give a referral if someone asks about obtaining a gardener.


You, yourself, are a good advertisement for lawn mowing services. When talking to someone you are trying to interest in buying your services always dress appropriately. Neat work clothing and a personal appearance will often sell a person who is interested in obtaining gardening services. Always explain your experience and provide references if needed.


If you become well acquainted with your customers, you can let them know that you would appreciate being referred to other people regarding your landscaping skills. You might offer one free lawn mowing session for every new customer. This can be done by leaving a note on your customer’s door, thanking them for their business and making the offer.


Newspaper ads are usually expensive and it takes a long time to get your money back. However, the majority of cities have a hand-out paper called the “Penny Saver” or the “Nickel”. Ads in these papers are, as a rule, reasonable and provide a good marketing area.

By using these lawn care advertising tips it will not be long until you have built up a lucrative business with plenty of work to do.  Learning how to market your lawn care business can really make you stand out above the crowd as many lawn care marketers have no idea how to properly market their company.

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