Knowing When You Should Fertilize Your Lawn


When someone is wanting to keep their lawn looking great, they really ought to know the best time to fertilize lawn in order to keep things looking great. It can definitely be a challenge, but with the right amount of effort and research it can be done. One of the most important things to know about lawn care is that each area will have different weather and temperatures, meaning that each lawn will require different care. Better lawns have better root systems, which means they can better resist heat, cold, drought, mowing and other types of damage that might occur.

Feeding your lawn four times a year is ideal, and it is something that is done by those who are wanting their lawn to keep looking great. Spring is one of the very best time to fertilize lawn because the grass is very hungry for nutrients and sunlight after the long winter. Just about any part of the country is going to be able to support the effort of fertilizing a lawn in early spring. Late spring is also a great time to fertilize your lawn, because this is when it is growing and thriving the most and wanting to feed.

Summer is really harsh on grass because of all the heat and drought, for this reason among many others it is very important to use fertilizer in the hopes of keeping it healthy. With the right amount of care and effort fertilizer can also be paired with things like insect killer, and this will go a long way in keeping the grass from dying or becoming unhealthy. The huge amount of foot traffic and other damage that can be inflicted on a lawn need to be repaired also, which is another reason that fertilizer really needs to be used at the right time.

Fall is the best time of year for lawns, this is because the temperature is lower and it encourages more rainfall and dew on the grass in the mornings. This is a time when the lawn grows the most and recovers from the damage caused over the course of the year. This is considered by many to be the very most important part of the year to feed the grass. This helps greatly to improve root structure and add nitrogen to be used later on in early Spring, which will then help it to be healthier the following Spring. But of course everyone is going to tend to their lawn differently, some simply do not have the time to do it four times a year. But of course there are lawn care specialists out there who can do what it takes in order to get everything straightened out. While it can cost a bit to have this sort of care for the lawn, it is very important to remember that it adds greatly to home value.

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