Janurary – May Report

tips on starting a lawn companyLooking for honest tips on starting a lawn care business? Well, here you go. The numbers below come straight from my company books.  The first three months of actually being in business.  As mentioned a few times below.  We didn’t even live in Texas until the end of May 2012.  During the months of March and April we tried to hire, market, bill, etc . . . over 1,000 miles away.

I have to start this report out by reminding readers that we started our Texas based lawn company . . . . while living in Illinois.  Our first customer signed up for service before we owned a single piece of equipment, had employees, or even lived in the state where we had started the business.  Learn more about that here (http://www.nichepursuits.com/podcast-12-running-a-landscape-business-like-a-tech-company/).  You will find throughout this blog that the only real way to compete nowadays is by developing a STRONG web presence . . including great SEO and sales driven pages that do the marketing for you.  Okay, ready for the numbers.

These are the numbers for our FIRST months in business. We incorporated in March of 2012 and purchased our first piece of equipment after we signed up our first customer . . . over 1000 miles away.

 Website Unique Visitors:

January 29
February 99
March 197
April 242
May 507
New Customers Signed Up:
March 3
April 21
May 38
 Lead Conversion:
March 75%
April 87.5%
May 85%
Gross Earnings:
March $76
April $1417.00
May $4349
This was the first three months of being in business for our lawn service company.  We had no outside investment, no huge amount of money to start the business, and we didn’t even live in Texas (where we started our company).  The biggest tip I can give about starting a lawn care business is to just go for it.  You don’t have to have a lot of money or experience or even customers to lay the ground work for a good company.

Tips for Starting:

  • Don’t scare yourself out of it.
  • Don’t over think it.
  • Spend time determining how your can be different.  Anyone can buy a mower and mow lawns . . . what can you do differently?
  • Before you have customers or really launch your product, test it out.  You can develop your product, market, and establish a strong company with policies and procedures prior to signing up a single client.

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