How to get rid of Dallisgrass: Surefire tip!

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If you live in the south than you have seen Dallisgrass!  It is one of the most persistent grassy weeds in Texas and the south.  Dallis grass is a perennial weed meaning that it will come back year after year.  What makes it even harder to control is that it grows from both seeds and rhizomes.  Many weed control companies charge an extra fee to treat it given how complicated it can be to get rid of. Some companies charge an extra fee up to $70 to treat for Dallisgrass and other grassy weeds.

How to differentiate between crabgrass and dallisgrass:

how to get rid of weeds

Dallisgrass seeds

Though both are grassy weeds that grow in warm temperatures they act very differently.  Crabgrass is an annual meaning that it does not come back each year.  Dallisgrass has seed heads that grow quickly and have three to seven unpaired heads on the stem.

The biggest problem with it is that it grows very quickly and even just shortly after mowing the lawn new seed heads will shoot up in the lawn, giving it an unkempt appearance.  The thickness and resilience of it allows for it to choke out other grasses in the lawn.  If not controlled it can quickly take over a lawn that is suffering from poor nutrition and mowing practices. Crabgrass has hairy blades while dallisgrass blades are coarse.

The #1 BEST way to get rid of Dallisgrass!

celsius widgetDon’t waste your time pulling it!  Pulling will not work!  No matter how hard you work some of the rhizomes will be left behind and pop right back up.  This is the worst option (and hardest) for dallisgrass control.

Threefold Control:

  1. Healthy Lawn
  2. Pre-emergent
  3. Post-emergent

To obtain a healthy lawn your should practice sound mowing technique never cutting more than 1/3 of the blade height.  A taller blade will generally reflect a healthier root system. You should also fertilizer your lawn throughout the summer months to provide it with lacking nutrients.

Pre-emergent control is VITAL to weed control.   6 step fertilizer/weed control program involves 3 applications of pre-M.  Granular pre-emergent must be watered in after application in order for the granular to settle on the soil surface and create a barrier against weeds. We utilize LESCO brand fertilizers and pre-M products as they provide longer control.  Pre-m should be applied after frost when soil temperatures are around 50 degrees and prior to weed germination.  This date will vary slightly each year but for North Dallas the date is usually early to mid March. Lesco fertilizers can be purchased from Home Depot or John Deere Landscapes.

Post-emergent control is the third step if you are wondering how to get rid of dallisgrass for good.  This goes hand in hand with pre-m.  You should purchase a good post-m weed control product and spot treat your lawn for grassy weeds every 3-4 weeks.

Okay here is the #1 tip . . . . use a combination of Celcius WG Herbicide and Revolver
 to eradicate grassy weeds.  These are selective herbicides and will not harm your lawn.  They contain high levels of active ingredient and will do the trick.


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