How to get rid of crabgrass in the summer

Is you lawn overrun with the pesky annual warm season grassy weed CRABGRASS?  This relentless weed can be one of the most difficult to control and to get rid of.  The good news for frustrated home owners is that it is just an annual weed that pops up each year from seed and you can get rid of it even in the summer. A single crabgrass plant can generate as many as 150,000 seeds per year.

Why do I have so much Crabgrass?

When this grassy weed begins to appear it is generally a sign that your lawn is in poor health.  In other words, due to poor growth conditions the crabgrass is able to beat out Bermuda or St. Augustine each year for the limited nutrients and resources available within your turf for grass to grow.

How to get rid of crabgrass

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There are two ways to control weeds in your lawn . . . pre emergent control and post emergent control.  The most effective, healthiest  and all around best option for control is pre-emergent weed control.  Pre-emergent weed control involves spreading a chemical over the lawn PRIOR to weed germination each year.  For crabgrass the best time to apply pre-m is the early spring (for the south generally the first couple weeks of March).  This will prevent any new growth and will also provide the lawn with missing and needed nutrients.  We recommend using the 0-0-7 .86% Lesco brand fertilizer available at either John Deere Landscapes or Home Depot.

If you miss your chance to apply a pre-m you are not totally out of luck but controlling for crabgrass will be much more difficult.  Post emergent control involves either a selective or non selective herbicide. Selective herbicides will control for just the targeted weed and will not harm your lawn.  Non selective herbicides kill everything they touch.  We suggest using selective weed controls because they are generally better formulas and will be able to provide the best control.  Home owners can purchase products from Do My Own Pest Control.  Simply visit their site and type in crabgrass . . . you will be presented with a long list of products that can control this warm season annual pest. Non selective brands include things like Round Up or Spectracide.

Whether you decide to go with a selective or non selective chemical when deciding how to get rid of crabgrass in the summer you should keep in mind that the only thing that really matters is the ACTIVE ingredient and the % of active ingredients.  With pest control you really do get what you pay for.  Many products will water down the mixture and over charge.  Along with closely following application instructions you should also observe what the active ingredients are and at what percent they are contained within the product.

Our top Choices for Crabgrass Control:

You do not get rid of crabgrass with one fail swoop it includes a dedicated program and relentless attack of the weed.  On top of that it is also VITAL that you mow your lawn at the right height, follow a HEALTHY fertilizer program, and water correctly.

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