Free Lesco Fertilizer Schedule for Bermuda Grass

Alright lets talk for a moment about Lesco fertilizer schedules for Bermuda grass. As you can see from the lovely graphic (with your are free to download and embed on your site using the code below) there are basically six steps to an effective schedule that will keep your lawn healthy, balanced, and free from weeds throughout the year.

lesco fertilizer schedule

The 6 Steps to a Healthy Lesco Fertilizer Schedule

To make any lawn treatment work you need to keep three things in mind:

  1. Lawn Nutrients
  2. Pre-emergent
  3. Post Emergent

Lawn Nutrients

There are 16 basic lawn nutrients that your grass needs in order to grow and be healthy. These nutrients aid in root strength and growth, ability to fight weeds, color, and blade strength. There are 3 core nutrients provided by fertilizers: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash. With an appropriately calculated lawn fertilizer schedule you will be able to provide your grass with these core nutrients in the right quantities. Nitrogen is the most important and you should shoot to apply 3-4 lbs of N per 1000 sqft of turf. The Lesco fertilizer program outlined here is intended for southern lawns but it is always best to get a soil sample to know for sure what sort of program you should follow. Most AG extension offices will provide this for a small fee. Texas A&M provides soil samples to Texas residents for a very low fee.

Lesco Pre Emergent Fertilizers

As important as nutrients are Pre-Emergents are equally important . . . they MUST be applied prior to soil temperatures reaching 50 degrees at about the 1 inch mark. To measure soil temps you can simply use a kitchen thermometer or Soil Thermometer honestly they are the same thing and will provide the same results. In the south the in order to follow a healthy Lesco Fertilizer Schedule you should make an application of pre emergents in January or early February as well as in March (usually in the very beginning days). Again, the right time is highly dependent upon soil temperatures. These winter applications will control summer weeds like:

  • Crabgrass
  • Dallisgrass
  • Chickweed

In September another application of Lesco pre-emergent fertilizer should be applied to control winter weeds.

Post Emergent Spot Treatment

Every few weeks or month your should go out to your lawn and apply a spot treatment spray. Do not use round up, rather use a selective herbicide like Celsius or Revolver which will not harm your grass. The concoction of Celsius and Revolver will help with the most annoying winter and summer weeds.


You can buy Celsius Herbicide online for just over $100 here:

celsius herbicide

If you need help remembering the Lesco Fertilizer Schedule be sure to embed our infographic in your website or print the schedule for your own records.

Where to buy Lesco Brand Fertilizers

John Deere Landscapes recently bought out the company and sells the commercial line of Lesco products in their landscape stores. You can also purchase some Lesco products from Home Depot if you have one in your area. The big box fertilizers will not be of the same high quality as those you can buy from a dealer, not only that but you will actually pay more per 1000sqft of product from a home improvement store.

For example, at the time of this writing (20130 you can buy the first round of Pre-M .86% 0-0-7 for just $12.40 for a 50lb bag. That bag will cover 12,500 sqft of turf or about 2-3 normal sized city lots here in the south. Use this fertilizer calculator here on the Lowes website to calculate how much you will need.

Using our Fertilizer Schedule

To use the program we have outlined above you simply need to walk into your John Deere landscapes store, tell them the numbers or product listed below the associated month on the chart and how much you need. During the winter months keep a close eye on soil temperatures as getting the Pre-M out prior to te ground reaching +50 degrees is the ONLY way to beat out crabgrass. You can also purchase a full line of post emergent herbicides from your Lesco fertilizer dealer. They are expensive but will obliterate the weeds in your lawn.

Purchase a Lesco Commercial Grade Spreader Online



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