Direct Mail vs Flyer To Obtain New Lawn Customers

The question is often asked which is better direct mail or fliers when it comes to marketing to new lawn care customers? People usually want the sure bet to reach and sign up the most new clients possible. There are several factors to consider when determining your marketing budget and usually a mixed approach to your advertising efforts will show the greatest result.

Cost Difference Between Direct Mail vs Flyer

There is a massive difference in cost between a door hanger and a direct mail post card.  I have found that the most cost effective flyer size is 1/4 or 1/3 page post card like flyer printed from Next Day Flyers when it comes down to it including shipping you can print this sized lawn care flyer for just around $0.03 per piece.  Add in the cost of distribution (about $0.10 per flyers) and you are looking at about $0.13 per flyer that is distributed.

Doing an EDDM piece (every door direct mail) can be very pricey even if you are able to qualify for pre sorted pricing.  Next Day Flyers also is capable of handling EDDM or you can work directly with the post office.  The benefit to EDDM is that you do not have to oversee or worry about delivery of your lawn service marketing piece.  Once you drop of your stack you can rest assured that they will be delivered.   In the end the delivery of your EDDM will run between 23-46 cents per piece depending on size, quantity, and the going postal rates at the time.

Is Direct Mail or Door Hangers More Effective?

In reality neither method is the preferred method to grow a lawn business passively.  They both require a large amount of time, energy, and money to carry out.  These two methods are essentially outbound marketing similar to cold calling or door to door sales.  They will return results if the stars align and you catch a potential customer exactly when they are searching.

You effectiveness will depend on how well your lawn company marketing piece does the following things:

1. Establishes trust - briefly describe what your company is all about.

2. Differentiates you from the competition – there are a million lawn companies our there right now . . . give people a reason to choose you over the other guy.  What ONE thing makes you better or different than the rest? Do you speak English?  Are you insured? Do you have a service offering that no one else can match?

3. Provides a quantifiable offer – the most effective marketing pieces will provide a quantifiable offer.  This means that there is a direct value associated to the offer.  $10 OFF, 10% off today . . . etc . . . this will work better than offering “one free mow” or an offer that is not directly tied to their wallet.  You can do this by printing a 2 sided lawn care flyer with your contact info on the front and an offer on the back.

4. Hit the right keywords for the right target market – YES! Everyone has a lawn and many people need their lawn cut . . . BUT who is your market!  Even in the game of lawn mowing with a massive initial market you need to define who YOUR market is.  Are you going after the value minded consumer, the busy family, the “I want everything taken care of”, what . . who are you going after and design a piece that reflects that markets needs and desires.

Lastly, make you name, phone number, and logo visible and easy to find.  Your logo does not need to be the biggest thing on the flyer but they should be able to recognize your name next time they see your guys or your truck. A good lawn care logo will be memorable and identify you from the pack so that they know who you are when they see you next time.

How Many Calls Should I Expect From My Lawn Business Flyers?

This is another topic where there are many contributing factors. If you design a good flyer and get it out at the right time you should get between .5% to 1% sign up rate.  To determine the best time to place your flyers you should use the analytical data available from website to evaluate when visitors are finding your site through search engines.  If you do not already have Google Analytics installed on your site you should do so now!  Another helpful tool is Google Trends which allows you to narrow down by geographic area when people are searching for specific terms.  This can help you know down to the day when you should start placing your lawn care fliers.


You must keep track of key data regarding your mailing and flyers to determine how effective they have been.  Track where you placed or mailed them, what the weather was, how many were placed.

Split Test a couple different styles and options.  Try putting different wording on you marketing to see if changing a color or word will help to attract your target market.


Personally I am a fan of flyers because if provides me with the control that I need to target specific small areas and days and conduct a fair amount of split testing for rather cheap.  To find you list for your direct mailer for your lawn company I would refer to which allows you to make highly specific mailing lists of customers that fit exactly into your market.

The best option is to conduct more that one type of marketing and never become stagnant or you will see that rest of the industry fly by as you do the same thing over and over.

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