Complete Guide to Drive XLR8 Herbicide Crabgrass Killer

The new Drive XLR8 does not come cheap; therefore, it is best to check out reviews to see exactly what this new crabgrass killer is all about and if it will really solve post-emergent crabgrass problems. First of all, it is created by a pioneer in turf management chemicals, BASF Turf & Ornamentals. The company is well known for their very effective Drive 75 product. Now, they’ve topped themselves with the new Drive XLR8 Herbicide crabgrass killer, which is basically a spanking new liquid version of Drive 75 DF. The assertion is that broadleaf and grassy weeds will absorb Drive XLR8 quicker and become rainfast within 30 minutes compared with the dryer version that needs almost 24 hours. This means enjoying outside fun a lot sooner!

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Drive XLR8 Review vs. Drive 75 DFDrive XLR8 Herbicide is the newest technology to supply unrivaled, superiorly developed, crabgrass control. A proprietary water-based concoction, Drive XLR8 ameliorates the control of crabgrass, kikuyu grass, torpedo grass, several broadleaves such as clover and speedwell, and various other bothersome weeds that many relied on the previous formulation, Drive 75 DF, to control. When the newer herbicide is compared to the older version, the newer Drive XLR8 provides speedier and more effective weed control. Moreover, it delivers quicker uptake by the plant, and is rain fast quicker in under an hour.

Drive XLR8 manufacturers suggest that consumers use methylated seed oil together with the product. Drive XLR8 is tagged for use in residential, commercial, industrial turf grasses, sod farms, golf courses, counting recreation and sports fields.

Drive XLR8 Instructions:

Spray coverage of the Drive XLR8 should be even and complete. It is suggested not to mow the lawn two days prior to or after application. Irrigation may help weed control if soil wetness is not sufficient. Drive XLR8 can be tank-mixed with other pre and post-emergent grass herbicides together with post-emergent broadleaf herbicides.

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Weed Control

Weeds controlled or suppressed by Drive XLR8 Herbicide include:

Barnyardgrass, bindweed, field, clover, hop-clover, red-clover, white crabgrass, large crabgrass, smooth daisy, English dandelion, common dollar weed, foxtail, giant foxtail, green foxtail, Carolina kikuyugrass Medic, black morning glory, signal grass, broadleaf speedwell, common speedwell, slender speedwell, thymeleaf torpedo grass, violet, and more!

Best Time To Use Drive XLR8

Drive XLR8 controls crabgrass even in mature stages, 4 tillers and more. In addition, this new formula offers outstanding and lasting control for up to 30 to 45 days with one application. Typically, for the Midwest geography, 2-4 tiller stage crabgrass falls during the initial 3 weeks of July. Late July through August is when Drive XLR8 definitely performs its best and outperforms other products in its category.

Why Liquid?

Why make the new product into a liquid? Why not keep it dry for easier shipping? Well, the liquid formula of Drive XLR8 makes it easier to mix, handle, and spray. Only a little is needed as it has a usage rate of 1.5 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.

One of the major successes with XLR8 is that the spray coverage is designed so that it can cover a complete lawn or turf as evenly as possible. It is important not to miss any spots, and being in liquid form makes it easier not to do so. If there is dry dirt, then watering will more than likely assist with weed control. This is possible because Drive XLR8 can be tank-mixed with other pre and post-emergent grass herbicides, and with post-emergent broadleaf herbicides.

What Consumers Are Saying

“This crabgrass killer really works! At first, I was skeptical. I had a serious crabgrass problem with huge mature crabgrass. I used Scott’s and Bayer’s weed killer with crabgrass control, they didn’t do the job. I used Drive XLR8 in early September, all the crabgrass was dead in just a few days, and I just reseeded my lawn.” By Jim in SC

“Easy to remember, a neighbor told me about it. The mixing instructions were easy enough to follow if you know which application you are making. The sprayer I am using mixed it automatically once I knew the correct dosage to use. The crabgrass began to disappear after a few days.” By Warren K

“I have used Drive for a few years now. It works best on juvenile crabgrass plants. Mature crabgrass sometimes requires a second application. It’s a superb product! The few negative reviews must have been posted by people who applied the product incorrectly. Drive works every time and is the best post-emergent crabgrass herbicide for tall fescue lawns.” By JayJay

“Great product. It did exactly what it said it would do. It killed the crabgrass and not my Zoysia grass. Good customer service and fast delivery too!” By R. Adams

“I never thought I would be able to control crabgrass, so I was skeptical about XLR8. I hired a person to spray my lawn but all he killed was clover, the crabgrass thrived! In three days after applying XLR8, the crabgrass was dead. Great product!!!” By Matt

Anything Negative?

Out of the thousands of reviews about Drive XLR8, 98% are positive. There were some complaints that the product killed everything it touched and that it only stunted the growth of some weeds. Nonetheless, these comments seem to come from customers not using the product properly rather than the product itself.

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