Celsius Herbicide Label

Looking for the Celsius Herbicide Label to determine how much product your need to apply?  Maybe you are trying to see what weeds it controls for or are interested in knowing if Celsius WG is the right product for your weed control needs. Celsius herbicide is pretty expensive costing as much as $100 on Amazon, $120 on DoMyOwnPestControl, and about $80 form a landscape store like John Deere Landscapes and can be purchased without a license.

Celsius Label

This label is the property of Bayer and can be used to help you make purchasing decisions or to show to your customers or to help you know how much of the product you should put in your tank. We generally simply use a 5 gallon Stihl SG sprayer to spot treat our customers lawns while we are at their properties mowing each week or whenever we have a regular fertilizer application scheduled.

If you read the Celsius label and play around with different application rates you will be able to find a rate that works right for you and controls the weeds needed. Celsius is designed to control both grassy and broadleaf weeds, although it can take up to four weeks to see real results.

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