All About Lesco Fertilizer Our #1 Choice

Lesco is a brand of fertilizers and lawn care products that provide the highest quality ingredients in a slow release from to provide better nutrition for lawns.  Recently John Deere Landscapes took over Lesco and now carries their full product line from their landscape supply centers.

Why Choose Lesco Fertilizer Products

For one simple reason we use only Lesco Fertilize products . . . they are the best.  It is true that not all fertilizers are created equal. In fact the cheaper bag of fertilizer that you purchase form a Big Box store will have far fewer active ingredient and actually not be last as long as similar Lesco Products.

The best place to start with determining how effective a fertilizer will be is with the NPK number on the front of the bag. These values tell you the percent of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium contained within the fertilizer. So, for example if the numbers are 10-5-5 than there is 10% NItrogen, 5% Phosphorus, and 5% potassium.  Therefore in a 50 pound bag of Lesco Products fert with those numbers you would have 5 pounds N, 2.5 pounds of P and K.  For a printable lesco fertilizer schedule click here.

Nitrogen content is what will generally increase the cost of the products (that and weed control chemicals) so, as mentioned above the only thing that might make a big box fertilizer cheaper than one purchased from John Deere Landscapes or Wynfield Solutions or another similar store will be the N content.

How Does Nitrogen Work Within Fertilizers

Nitrogen is often the nutrient most lacking in a lawn and for that reason will often be the highest percent.  So even if you find a 50lb bag of fertilizer for $20 do the math and figure out how much you are paying per pound of Nitrogen. You should apply between 2-4 pounds of Nitrogen on your Bermuda grass lawn each year and about 2-3 pounds on your St. Augustine.  Therefore, products with lower values and amounts of Nitrogen will require more product which not only increases your cost but also significantly increases the chances of the product running off your lawn and contaminating the water supply.

Why We Choose Lesco Products Exclusively

Polyon GranuleLesco Fertilizer products are designed to meet the unique needs of your lawn and most fertilizers contain their unique polyplus formula which allows for the granular to be slowly released into your turf rather than breaking down immediately which can cause burning and spots in your grass.  The coated slow release fertilizers break down slowly and feed the lawn for a greater amount of time.

Granular fertilizers (like Lesco) are specially designed to release the effects of the product over the course of a much longer time.  This has two beneficial effects for your lawn:

  1. Prevents burning the lawn
  2. Provides longer term benefits

By using the patented sustained release formula you essentially are receiving longer term control and benefits to your turf.

Where to Purchase Lesco

Recently John Deere Landscapes took over the Lesco brand and now sells their product line at their landscape stores along with their full line irrigation and other turf care products.  Home Depot also carries a small line of Lesco, but they do not have a complete line nor do they have the knowledge base that you will generally find at a John Deere store to help you find the exact right thing you need to get your lawn looking right!  Simply go to Google Maps and type in John Deere landscapes, a single phone call will get you set up with what you need for your lawn.  You do not need any sort of business or license to buy from them.

To view a complete list of Lesco Products visit this link HERE all are available through your local John Deere Landscapes.

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