2 Sided Lawn Care Flyers

Marketing is a 24/7 job  when you own a business.  In essence you are marketing in everything you do.  It is your chance to tell your story and explain who you are, why you are better than the competition, and what value you can add to a customers life. For additional tips of how to create a KILLER flyer and ideas for what to put on the back side of your flyers visit THIS SITE.  We always use Next Day Flyers for our flyer printing as I have found the quality to be the best and the prices nearly 1/2 what you would pay at Kinkos.

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Why You Should Print Professional Flyers

With this in mind it is important that you tell your story the way that you want your customers to view you.  If you print a lawn business flyer on regular printer paper and cut them with scissors you send the message of a one man shop that doesn’t really have the resources to handle the job.  If you fliers look like crap . . . so will their yard (that is what they will think).  Now, this might actually appeal to many customers.   But not the customers you want and deserve.  Those customers that low ball and search for the cheapest looking business will also be the same customers that pay late, do not pay, drop you the second a lower deal comes a long, and will basically have no desire to work with you.

5 Steps to Printing Professional 2 Sided Lawn Care Flyers

  1. Design the flyer – If you have some design sense you can print them on your own. . . if not head over to fiverr, odesk or Elance to find a graphic designer that can do the designing for you. A well designed flyer will increase the value of your time and produce a far greater return on your invested money than a jumbled or ugly flyer.
  2. Visit NextDayFlyers.com - here you can find a template for your design.  These professionally drawn up templates allow for you to focus on the design and not worry about the measurement.  Next day flyers will also print a double sided flyer for around 3-4 cents per flyers!  Yeah, thats cheaper than a single sided black and white copy at FedEx Kinkos.
  3. Download Gimp or use Adobe Illustrator to design and insure that your product is of the highest quality.  Design in FULL color and print on high quality, gloss cardstock.
  4. KISS!  - Keep it simple Stupid!  Take the advice of Google and keep your flyers and lawn care marketing materials simple.  Visit the Google.com homepage and compare it to the Yahoo! homepage. There is a reason that as of today Google controls 60-70% of the online search market.  Their message is simple . . . you came here to SEARCH.  Your flyer should have a clear, unavoidable message for those that receive it.  You are supposed to CALL and sign up for service.  Provide a REAL value proposition on one side of the flyer and on the other side of your 2 sided lawn care flyer put your contact info, your lawn care logo, and a deadline for your proposition.
  5. Keep track of when, where, how many, and other outlying conditions of your flyer efforts.  You want to be able to have the most effective 2 sided lawn care door hangers that arrive on your customers door steps.
Go big or go home!  Every minute of the day your are marketing to your customers . . . what message are you sending them?  What are you telling them to do with your marketing pieces?  What will the imagine of your company when they see your marketing materials?

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